Harcourt Design Work-with-Leather, Interior & Architectural leather specialists

Introduction to our bespoke leather business

We are a genuine London brand. A product with a Harcourt leather label has been made entirely in London.

Whilst we understand the commercial logic of manufacturing outside of the capital we feel fiercely proud to be an integral part of, arguably, the world’s greatest creative community. We are privileged to work with an amazing coterie of designers.

A significant proportion of these people are based within a 3 mile radius of our workshop and studio. This physical accessibility humanises our process in the increasingly faceless world of manufacture. This, for us, makes being in London critical and, really, we would not want it any other way.

Large, virtually infinite, production runs are not what we do. We are capable of large production output but quality remains the critical factor. Small, limited editions are a mainstay of Harcourt leatherLondon.

Bespoke, the last word in limited edition, is a natural discipline for us.